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The selection of objects will incorporate sculptures of cats from ancient Egypt, together with 1500 year old Mexican ceramic Colima dogs, Classic 19th century portraits next to modern paintings by artists such as Gino Severinni and Kees Van Dongen and many more.

A place between life and death, wakefulness and sleep.

Around the central figure of the sleeping rock with feet, shaped like a body, statues from ancient history, animals, plants, rocks, dolls and masks appear to be attending a ceremonial gathering.

The Play is curated by Jeff Khonsary for New Documents, which published Ruth' book The Cast in 2017.

UNSEEN AMSTERDAM 2017 AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS Fri - Sun The Ravestijn Gallery presents new works from two of its artists at UNSEEN Amsterdam: Ruth van Beek and Nico Krijno.

Whereas Van Beek assembles her images from her archive and new images appear within the arranged encounter of archival footage, Krijno manipulates his images digitally and leaves room for the messy, as to purposefully leave room for the accident from which new images come forth.